Library of Congress Junior Fellowship Program 2023

Library of Congress Junior Fellowship Program 2023

Deadline: 28 November 2022

Library of Congress Junior Fellowship Program 2023

The Library of Congress Junior Fellowship Program is an annual summer internship program that enables undergraduate and graduate students to experience the integrated analog and digital collections and services of the world’s largest, all-inclusive library. Working under the direction of Library curators and specialists in various divisions, fellows explore digital initiatives and increase access to the institution’s unparalleled collections and resources. Fellows are exposed to a broad spectrum of library work: copyright, preservation, reference, access, and information technology. In the past, summer fellows have identified hundreds of historical, literary, artistic, cinematic and musical gems representing the Library’s rich cultural, creative and intellectual assets. No previous experience is necessary, but fellowships are competitive and special skills or knowledge are usually desired. Selections are based on academic achievement, reference calls, and an interview with a selection official.

Program Focus

The focus of the program is to increase access to special, legal and copyright collections, and to promote awareness and appreciation of the Library’s services to researchers including Congressional members, scholars, students, teachers, and the general public. Fellows encourage the use of collections and services − ensuring that the Library of Congress is known as a living, dynamic center for scholarly work and connections. Program participants inventory, catalog, arrange, preserve, and research collections in varied formats, as well as assist in digital library initiatives. Upon completion of their assignments, fellows work closely with Library curators and specialists to plan and present a display of their most significant discoveries and accomplishments.

The Junior Fellows Program is supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation to the Library for a multiyear initiative to connect more deeply with Black, Hispanic, Indigenous and other minority communities by expanding its collections, using technology to enable storytelling, and offering more internship and fellowship opportunities. The initiative, Of the People: Widening the Path, creates new opportunities for more people to engage with the Library, thus weaving a more inclusive American story.

This initiative is part of a larger vision at the Library to connect with all Americans by inviting new generations of interns to participate in creating, preserving and sharing the nation’s cultural treasures and building on the Library’s commitment to collect and preserve more underrepresented perspectives and experiences.

Library of Congress Junior Fellowship Program 2023

The Junior Fellows Program, a signature initiative of the Library of Congress since 1991, is made possible by a gift from the late James Madison Council member Nancy Glanville Jewell through the Glanville Family Foundation and the Knowledge Navigators Trust Fund and by an investment from the Mellon Foundation.

The Junior Fellows Program offers a paid ten week virtual internship for undergraduate and graduate students working with Library of Congress collections. The fellows explore digital initiatives and inventory, catalog, arrange, preserve and research a backlog of special, legal or copyright collections in many different formats.

Selection Process

Applications will be forwarded to selecting officials in the Library who will arrange telephone interviews with promising applicants, based on materials submitted. Letters of recommendation are not required for this application. After completion of the selection process those selected will be provided with detailed information on reporting for their fellowship.

The Library of Congress is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities who meet eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.

Projects for 2023

The Junior Fellows Program is offering 15 Remote Projects:

  1. Enhancing Discovery of Cataloged Event Videos (Remote)
  2. Cine Latine: Shaping Latino Representation at the Movies (Remote)
  3. Researching the 19th and early 20th Century Black Press (Remote)
  4. Adding Diversity to the Business History Record (Remote)
  5. Archive of Public Broadcasting Online Exhibit Curation (Remote)
  6. Year of Keyboard Accessibility (Remote)
  7. Connecting Communities: If We Tweet, Will They Come? (Remote)
  8. Effective User Research at the Library of Congress (Remote)
  9. Quality Assurance and Testing Using the Scaled Agile Framework (Remote)
  10. 9-1-1 Services in Rural and Remote Regions (Remote)
  11. The Legacy of Daniel A.P. Murray: Mapping the Stories (Remote)
  12. Archiving the National Book Festival (Remote)
  13. National Book Festival: Literary Programming (Remote)
  14. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with LC Digital Collections (Remote)
  15. Copyright Card Catalog Metadata Capture Project (Remote)

The Junior Fellows Program is offering 14 Onsite Projects:

  1. Access for Newly Acquired Armenian-American Materials (Onsite)
  2. Inventory Review Protocols for International Collection Materials (Onsite)
  3. Inventory of South Asian Language Serial Titles (Onsite)
  4. Local History of U.S. Immigrant Communities, 1880-1924 (Onsite)
  5. Science and Business Pamphlet Collection (Onsite)
  6. Digital Preservation: American Archive of Public Broadcasting (Onsite)
  7. Universal Music Group Collection Lacquer Processing (Onsite)
  8. Elizabeth Brown Pryor Internship, Manuscript Reading Room (Onsite)
  9. Mary Wolfskill Internship, Manuscript Reading Room (Onsite)
  10. Martha Graham Legacy Project 2023 (Onsite)
  11. Enhancing Visibility: 19th Century American Music Manuscripts (Onsite)
  12. Paul Marvin Rudolph Architectural Archive (Onsite)
  13. Artists and Archives (Onsite)
  14. Engaging Families at the Library of Congress (Onsite)

How to Apply

Please note that the application period for the 2023 Junior Fellows Program is currently open and is slated to close Monday, November 28, 2022.

Interested in applying? Please view this resource: How to Apply 2023.

Apply – Remote Projects

Apply – On-site Projects

For more information, please click here

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