Link to check Npower Nasims Biometric Fingerprint Batch C Stream 2

Link to check Npower Nasims Biometric Fingerprint Batch C Stream 2

In todays latest News –  A lot of  news making the rounds about Npower shortlisiting applicants for Biometric. This has been the talk of town with various rumors and news and one could hardly ascertain what is true or not. But this is what we know, at empowerment opportunities we do our best to only share correct information to our readers. Read on…

It is for sure that applicants who previously applied  for  Npower Batch C registration and didn’t make it to the stream 1  have started their biometric process (Fingerprinting) after seeing the latest development on their  nasims dashboard.

Well, this is not the case for all applicants as some are still  finding it difficult to login into the portal to check if they are Shortlisted for the biometrics fingerprint capturing while  a few  have forgotten their password to login into nasims portal. However your case, if you have forgotten your password, you can go ahead and do your biometrics, see How To Do Npower Batch C Biometric without Password.

For those, that might not remember their Npower NASIMS Npower ID starts with NPWR/2020/XXXXXX that can be found in your NASIMS profile. Visit the link to login and see your dashboard. You can as well dial *45665# to check your Npower id or selection status.

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