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Methods On How To Access Your Matric Class Of 2022 Result

Methods On How To Access Your Matric Class Of 2022 Result

Matric Class Of 2022 are you ready to see the results of the hard work you put in last year? We know that anticipation and panic are starting to kick in!
Do you at least know when, where and how to get your matric results? If you are uncertain don’t worry we got you!

This #MobiMonday we look at important dates to note and quick and easy methods you can use to access your results.


● 19 January 2023: Minister to announce the results of the Class of 2022
● 20 January 2023: Statement of results available at exam centres/schools
● 03 February 2023: Last day to apply for remarking/rechecking of examination scripts
● 08 February 2023: Last day to register for the 2023 May/June examinations
● 14 March 2023: Last day to register for the 2023 October/November examinations


1. Department of Basic Education portal –
You will be required to enter your info like ID number, exam number, name & surname, and other personal details.
NB: The DBE website is zero-rated, you don’t need data to access your matric results here.
2. IEB (Independent Examination Board) portal –
You will be required to enter your examination & date of birth.
Note it might be slow to get results due to the high amount of traffic.
3. News24 Website –
You will need your exam number and exam time NCS or IEB
Note that you might have to search for your province with NCS
4. MatricsMate App
● You will need to download the MatricsMate App from Google Play or the Apple store
● You will need your 13 digits ID number and exam number.
● Send your exam number to 35658
● Answer a few multiple-choice questions
● You’ll receive a confrontation SMS once you’ve successfully registered
● Then you will receive your results as soon as they are available.
6. Newspaper
2023 Matric results will be published on the National newspapers on the release date of 19 January 2023. They will be in all of the big newspapers like, The Star, The Rapport and The Argus.
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