Micheal Taiwo Scholarships 2022 for Recent Graduates in Nigeria

Micheal Taiwo Scholarships 2022 for Recent Graduates in Nigeria

The application for the Micheal Taiwo scholarships is now Open.

All candidates were encouraged to apply, regardless of their GPA, because we consider each application from a holistic view. That said, last year, most candidates who eventually won the MT Scholarships have GPA that put them in the First-Class/Distinction range.

Note that academic transcripts will be requested and verified before any award is made.

Micheal Taiwo Scholarships Eligibility

  • The scholarship award is open to ALL recent graduates from a university, regardless of their course of study. Also, final year students are eligible to apply.
  • Ideal candidates have a minimum CGPA of 4.0 in a 5-point system (or equivalent CGPA if not based on a 5-point scale) or, in the case of final year students, have such CGPA as at end of the penultimate year. That said, an application is considered holistically and hence, all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.

The Support

  • Mentoring by world-class professionals
  • Payment of registration fees for several candidates for GRE, GMAT and/or TOEFL and school application fees.

How to Apply:

– Click on the link below https://mtscholarships.org/scholarship/

Or https://form.jotform.com/mtscholarships20/application-form

How can I accurately fill the application form

Instructions can be found in this video webinar link.

– The 2022 application window will run from 8:00AM PST August 31st to 8:00AM PST September 9th

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