Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship Program 2024

Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship Program 2024

Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship Program 2024. The Microsoft Research AI & Society fellows program aims to catalyze research collaboration between Microsoft Research and eminent scholars and experts across a range of disciplines core to discussions at the intersection of AI and its impact on society.

Microsoft recognizes the value of bridging academic, industry, policy, and regulatory worlds and seeks to ignite interdisciplinary collaboration that drives real-world impact.

Through a global, open call for proposals targeting a specific set of research challenges, Microsoft will facilitate strategic collaborations, catalyze new research ideas, and contribute publicly available works to benefit scholarly discourse and benefit society more broadly.

The details of the program vary by research challenge. Please review the “Research Challenges” for more information and eligibility, “How to apply” to submit a proposal, and our “FAQ” for answers to commonly asked questions.

Key dates:

  • November 2, 2023 | Call for proposals opens globally
  • November 29, 2023 (11:59:59 PM ET) | Proposal deadline
  • January 30, 2024 | Global announcement of the 2023 Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows
  • February 2024 – February 2025 | Research collaboration between Microsoft Research and selected fellows

Program details

The Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows program supports interdisciplinary AI research in the context of societal impact.

The program offers opportunities for fellows from fields beyond core computer sciences to join and support interdisciplinary research conversations with Microsoft Researchers. By facilitating these new collaborations, Microsoft aims to scale the impact of collective research efforts at the intersection of AI & Society.


Microsoft is seeking eminent scholars and leading experts from a wide range of fields and disciplines to join a variety of interdisciplinary collaborations focused on key research challenges.

The submission criteria and eligibility guidelines vary by research challenge for this program. Please review the research challenge descriptions and eligibility details below for more information.

In general, our research challenges seek eminent scholars from academia as well as experts from non-academia.

  • Experts from non-academic disciplines whose focus of work is beyond core computer science pursuits and who offer unique, complimentary expertise to a research challenge. To be considered a “leading expert”, we are looking for those who have earned their relevant terminal degree in their field (e.g., PhD, MFA, J.D., M.D. etc.)

  • Professors or students who have achieved or are pursuing their terminal degree in research fields, whose studies/instruction are focused beyond core computer science pursuits, and who offer unique, complimentary expertise to a research challenge.

To be eligible to apply, candidates will be required to confirm they are actively pursuing (enrolled in program) or have already earned their terminal degree in their respective field or discipline. A terminal degree is defined as the highest-level college degree that can be achieved within your academic discipline or professional field.

A fellow selected to be a part of the Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows program is subject to disciplinary proceedings for inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), or plagiarism will forfeit their funding.

Microsoft actively seeks to foster greater levels of diversity in our workforce and in our pipeline of future researchers and collaborators. We are always looking for the best and brightest talent and celebrating individuality. We invite candidates to come as they are and do what they love.

Provisions of the award

The purpose of this program is to support interdisciplinary research collaboration across academia and industry in pursuit of addressing significant research opportunities at the intersection of AI and society.

The fellowship is intended to provide a range of opportunities to collaborate with Microsoft Research to pursue cross-disciplinary discourse and drive impactful research outcomes in a range for formats. Collaboration opportunities will vary by research challenge but may include working sessions meetings, asynchronous collaboration, workshops, events, etc.

Funding amounts vary by the region a fellows’ organization/institution of employment is located in. All funds are distributed as unrestricted gifts as a one-time payment.

  • Africa – $15K (USD)
  • Australia & New Zealand – $15K (USD)
  • Canada – $45K (USD)
  • Europe – $15K (USD)
  • India – $15K (USD)
  • Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan – $15K (USD)
  • United States – $45K (USD)

All payments will be distributed in March/April 2024. At the appropriate time, Microsoft will work with respective departmental finance liaisons to transfer funds. Payment of the award, as described above, will be made directly to the institution/organization, and dispersed according to the institution/ organization policies. Microsoft will have discretion as to how any remaining funds will be used if the recipient is no longer qualified to receive funding.

For more Information: Visit the website for Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship Program 2024

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