Minister’s Youth Council Application 2022 for High School Students in Alberta

Minister’s Youth Council Application 2022 for High School Students in Alberta

Deadline: March 25 2022

Minister’s Youth Council Application 2022 for High School Students in Alberta

Applications for the Minister’s Youth Council are now open! We’re looking for 40 junior and senior high school students with diverse interests, backgrounds & perspectives from across #AB to provide input on #AbEd topics.

Students are important partners in our education system and Alberta’s government believes student voices should play a role in shaping it.

The Minister’s Youth Council gives students opportunities to share input and perspectives on provincial programs and initiatives.

Student engagement initiatives:

  • empower students as leaders of their learning
  • provide opportunities to build positive working relationships with education partners
  • engage students as leaders of change in their communities
  • support leadership development for students at school and community levels
  • honour the capability and capacity of students to engage as authentic education partners.


  • Practice and acquire skills for a successful future.
  • Ownership and sense of responsibility for learning and learning environment.
  • Understanding of diverse opinions.
  • Dialogue and negotiation skills.
  • Greater understanding of governance within Alberta’s education system.
  • Increased leadership ability.
  • Role in driving change.
  • New relationships with a diverse group of students and adults.
  • Improved critical thinking, knowledge application and problem solving skills.
  • Develop the skills to become effective participating citizens.


  • Improved relationships between students, teachers, parents, school leaders and education system leaders.
  • Programming and policies informed by student input.
  • Students take responsibility and ownership of their learning and school community.
  • Supports and promotes a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment.

Minister’s Youth Council

The Minister’s Youth Council consists of about 40 junior and senior high students with diverse interests, identities, backgrounds and perspectives from all regions of Alberta. Students on the council provide their perspectives on a number of education topics.

Students are members of the Minister’s Youth Council for a 10-month term that aligns with the school year. During the school year, the council attends three meetings. Meetings typically occur in-person, but are currently being held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Recruitment for the 2022/23 council is currently underway.

Each council contains a minimum of 32 new members and a maximum of 8 returning members.


Students in Alberta are able to apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • Junior or senior high school student between the ages of 14 and 19 as of September 1 of that year
  • Able to commit to 3 weekend meetings during the school year in the fall, winter and spring

Minister’s Youth Council Application 2022 for High School Students in Alberta

To apply for the council, students must complete the application package.

Before applying, please read the Minister’s Youth Council Fact Sheet.

Applications are open until March 25, 2022.

Apply now

If you need assistance, contact the Student Engagement Team.

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