KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure

mis.kyeop.go.ke/live/mis | KYEOP Self Activation

The Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) has launched its new portal http://mis.kyeop.go.ke/live/mis. Usually, youth congregate at a venue and information about the project shared by youth officers after which youth officers activate the youth who decide to participate in the project.

But due to covid restrictions, we would like to limit physical meetings to very few numbers and as a result the self activation portal mis.kyeop.go.ke/live/mis was introduced and self activation is highly encouraged.

Information about the project will be provided here so you can read through and decide if you would like to participate. Should you opt to participate, follow the instructions to self activate.

KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure

Should you opt to participate in the project, follow the instructions below