Monster Prom – Call for Gaming Artists 2019 | Jobs Application Guidelines

Deadline: None at the moment

Monster Prom – Call for Gaming Artists 2019 | Jobs Application Guidelines

Monster Prom is a Multiplayer (1-4 Players) Dating Sim with awesome art, bold unapologetic humor and hard choices. A visual novel video game for Windows, macOS and Linux Made by Beautiful Glitch video game studio based in Barcelona and published by Those Awesome Guys!

Its main focus is to create fine games without the geographical limitation and they seek for the most awesome talent artists around the globe to get shit done in the best way possible.

If we like what we see, there will be a paid test to challenge your skills with more precision!

Job would be remote, so no issue on where you live.

Call for Artists – Monster prom Application Guidelines

Keep in mind we’re receiving applications both from seasoned professionals and very young people with no professional experience. Some of this advice might seem “obvious”; but maybe there are some people for whom this might be useful.

1. Always add references to your work. A portfolio might be best option.
2. Your portfolio should be easy to access. Unless it is specified, don’t put it on a zip folder.
3. In general, assume the company is receiving many applications, if it was an open call. Then, on each decision, imagine if 500 people did the same.
If you do this, you realize a zip folder is no good because we won’t spend hours unzipping 500 zip folders.
4. In general, make it easy. Best is to have a template application you can change according to the specs of each time. We should access to your stuff in 1-2 clicks.
5. In the same vein: any link should be a link. Please, don’t refer to your social media by putting the @ and the handle. Go to twitter, copy&paste in the searcher, go for it… it’s not that much. But what if we need to do it 500 times. No. Link is best.
6. If it’s an open call and you can assume an important number of applications, I’d personally recommend not writing long emails unless specific questions have been made. Honestly, at that point we’re just checking portfolios and saving the ones we deem the best fits.A lengthy email is nice; but we’re probably not reading it at this point. On a 2nd stage we ask some questions. This is not only + efficient; but thoughtful of you: we won’t force 500 people to spend time on the email for nothing. Just a template with links work.
7. If you don’t have a portfolio (I’d advise to make even a simpler one… just a landing page with some refs of your work), please attach the images to the email. Don’t insert them in the email EVER. Often, this warps the entire email making it terrible. Also, funny enough, we realized this makes it almost impossible to reply to those emails with an attachment. Why? When you insert the image, it includes them as an attachment when we reply to you, covering MB from the max. we can include.
8. Very similar to last: when you attach an image from your phone, for some reason plenty of times it ends up inserting the image.
9. You do you; but i’d say you should be thoughtful of what you add as your refs. Not only should you choose the best of your work & whatever fits the best for the specific job position you’re applying for; but you need to ask yourself which pieces would be better removed. Of course I focus on the best pieces I see. But sometimes you have 20 talented artists and you can only test 10. And so you need to think of criteria to choose. If unsure, I will discard artists with very irregular portfolios (in terms of quality, not style)
10. Fanart is OK! Both of our game or other stuff. Original art is valued tho, so it shows us your creativity in designing stuff yourself.
If you have a portfolio, I’d advise making a clear distinction.
11. Unless a very specific job position: include final art!
Sketches are nice; but there is a reason for those memes of “20k likes when posting a sketch, 300 likes when posting the final piece”: a sketch happens before lineart and color. I’ve seen many young artists struggling with both. So sketches save you from going into those. I want to check final art, so we can judge everything in a more proper way.

How to Apply

looking for talented artists globally who can nail Monster Prom style.

Show what you’ve got by sending any bit of your work that proves you can match our art style!

Application should be sent to [email protected]


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