My Africa My History (MaMyh) Challenge 2020 for African Creatives ( Cash prizes)

My Africa My History (MaMyh) Challenge Contest 2020 for African Creatives

My Africa My History (MaMyh) Challenge 2020 for African Creatives ( Cash prizes)

While the Europeans and the Americans pride in the knowledge and the founding documents of their history, the Africans, especially, the youths of today know very little about their history. Are you a great storyteller, dancer, poet, dramatist, pencil artist, visual artist?


All applicants:

  1. Must be African
  2. Must be able to speak at least an African indigenous language
  3. Must be aged 16-35years as at the time of application
  4. Must be very creative. This is very important because at the audition and final stage of the the contest, presentations would be assessed based on teams’ ability to express African history via stage acting, dramatizing, poetry, artwork (painting), conference discussions among others.
  5. Must be a good team player
  6. Must be able to read, understand and unravel details in critical an d creative writings


  • Cash prize of twelve thousand US dollar (USD12,000) for the winner
  • six thousand US dollar (USD 6,000) for the runner-up.
  • Lots of consolation prizes for outstanding team members

Stages in the Selection

  • Creative and critical writing.
  • Contestants whose applications are scaled to the next stage of the selection process would be selected and invited for auditioning at Abuja, Cross River State, Lagos (Nigeria) and Nairobi (Kenya)
  • Contestants who made it to the final stage of the competitions would be grouped into teams based on the review panel’s discretion and invited to Lagos for “The African History Challengers’ Contest”.


Applications would be reviewed based on:

  1. Applicant’s ability to communicate effectively in writing
  2. Applicant’s creativity in writing
  3. Good knowledge of Africa pre-colonial and colonial experiences.


  1. Application forms can be assessed here
  2. Application can be assessed here free of charge.
  3. Applicants are to pay US$5.00 for the book “the Puzzle- The personification of Alkebulan” at the time of creating the application dashboard.

We have written a book, “The Puzzle: The personification of Alkebulan”, which would be used by the contestants at every stage of the competition. “The Puzzle: The Personification of Alkebulan” will be used at the final stage as reference by teams and by our judges to match the contestants presentations with real facts about African History.

The winners of the competitions will be cast in our film, “Alkebulan”.

For more Information: Visit the website for My Africa My History (MaMyh) Challenge 2020 for African Creatives