MyNEP Competition 2020 for Indian Citizens (Cash prizes)

MyNEP Competition 2020 for Indian Citizens

Deadline: Not Specified

Entries are now open for MyNEP Competition 2020 for Indian Citizens .The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), was approved by the Union Cabinet of India on 29 July 2020. NEP was brought to life in order to capture the vision of New India’s new education system to empower and equip the upcoming generations with the right set of skills to become the best version of themselves.

The MyNEP Contest is a fun and interactive means of engagement with students, teachers and parents hosted by Vidya Bharati Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sanstha to raise and gauge the general awareness about NEP.

Participants are encouraged to explore their creativity as well as knowledge of the NEP through various competitions like Quiz, Letter to the PM, Painting, Meme making etc. to name a few. Participants will be awarded with prizes and participation certificates for their respective submissions.

MyNEP Competition 2020 PRIZES

  •  National Prize – Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Prize money- 10K, 5K, 3K respectively
  • Language wise Prize in each competition
  • Prizes in each category
  • Special mentions- 1k each
  • Participation Certificate

MyNEP Competition 2020 Competition Process

1) Register to Enter #MyNEP Contest

2) Watch NEP Tutorial to score better

3) Enter Quiz & Answer Questions on NEP

4) Get your result with #MyNEP Score

5) Download Your #MyNEP Official Certificate

6) Upload & Submit your #MyNEP entry (Creative Text, Image or Video)

MyNEP Competition Categories

Class 9th To 12th

  • 2 Min. Speech
  • Handmade Poster
  • Letter to PM
  • 300 words Essay
  • Meme Making


Undergraduate & above

  • Short Film
  • Digital Poster Making
  • Painting / Handmade poster
  • Minimum 8 Tweet Thread
  • Meme Making


Citizens(Open for all)

  • Short Film
  • Digital Poster Making
  • Painting / Handmade poster
  • Minimum 8 Tweet Thread
  • Meme Making


MyNEP Competition 2020 Standard Rules and Regulations

1. Make sure you’ve registered yourself to be able to participate in the competition on
2. The competition is time bound and you can submit your entries in respective competitions from 25th September 2020 to 2nd October 2020.
3. Discourage the creation of multiple accounts (each individual may only use a single account to enter the contest
4. You have to complete the process after registration & submit your entry by uploading your entry on the website.
5. It is mandatory to mention our handle (@MyNEPin) & hashtag (#NewNEPNewIndia) in your social media update so we can track all the entries.
6. Make sure your entries make use of topics relevant to the contest (MyNEP)
7. Adhere to applicable laws and regulations of Social Media with regard to prohibited content and trademarked content
8. Follow Content Boundaries – Intellectual Property (no plagiarism)
9. Contestants to use given hashtag only for the purpose of competition and not else-wise
10. You are free to use English/Hindi or any other regional language while participating in any of the competitions
11. A participant can participate in one or more competitions at the same time with single registration

For more Information: Visit the webpage for MyNEP Competition 2020 for Indian Citizens (Cash prizes)