Netflix Animation’s Art Trainee Program 2020 for Aspiring animation professionals

Netflix Animation's Art Trainee Program 2020

Netflix Animation’s Art Trainee Program 2020 for Aspiring animation professionals

Netflix is seeking multiple Art Trainees – Prop Designer for various productions based on show needs beginning Fall 2020 and extending through 2021. Under the guidance of the Art Director per show, the Art Trainee – Prop Designer will create props using thoughtful choices and techniques to execute the Executive Producer’s creative vision. We are seeking artists with both unique and technical styling and skills that will bring their project to life.

Location: Due to current COVID-19 guidelines, all positions will likely be remote.

RESPONSIBILITIES – Netflix Animation’s Art Trainee Program 2020

  • Read any provided material to become familiar with story
  • Explore, imagine, and create a variety of prop design options that fit into this production
  • Capture the mood and tone of the project in the prop designs and attributes
  • Provide line art, turnarounds, texture and surface callouts and color passes for props
  • Take part in design kick-off and review meetings with Art Director and EPs
  • Adhere to the production schedule as laid out by the Line Producer and Production Manager; complete all assignments within the given scope and timeframe for each episode
  • Help to create prop design packs to be used by the storyboard teams
  • Use knowledge of 2D and/or 3D to ensure that props are producible
  • Work closely with the Art Director to resolve design issues and address notes
  • Meet deadlines from concept to final deliverables
  • Prepare all prop designs for shipment to the overseas animation studio
  • Ensure that the high quality and style of the show as set out by the Executive Producers and Art Director is achieved and maintained
  • Collaborate with grace, humility, inclusion, and open-mindedness
  • Be open to both giving and receiving candid and actionable feedback


  • Working knowledge of digital drawing tools
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable working as part of a team or independently


  • All applicants are required to design and create original prop design artwork for their version of a child’s school lunch.
  • The Fall 2020 Art Application asks are (4) PDFs of the following (please attach PDFs to online application):
    • (1) PDF: Some sort of container (paper sack, lunch box, etc.)
    • (1) PDF: Some sort of a sandwich (whatever you choose between two slices of bread)
    • (1) PDF: Some sort of fruit (apple, banana, grapes, etc.)
    • (1) PDF: Some sort of treat (candy, cookies, dessert, etc.)
  • It is our belief that asking candidates to create and submit a bespoke art piece will expedite the vetting process.


For more Information: Visit the website for Netflix Animation’s Art Trainee Program 2020