New Hampshire (NH) State Senate Internship Program 2023

New Hampshire (NH) State Senate Internship Program 2023

Deadline: December 1, 2022

New Hampshire (NH) State Senate Internship Program 2023

The New Hampshire (NH) State Senate Internship Program provides invaluable experience and networking opportunities to college students interested in learning more about state government with an emphasis on the Legislative Branch. Interns will complete the program having achieved a greater understanding of the legislative process and the responsibility that government, and its elected leaders, have to the citizens of New Hampshire while at the State House in Concord.

Interns represent both their educational institution and the New Hampshire State Senate. Students participating in this internship for academic credit must maintain a high standard of performance. Interns that complete the program will be awarded with academic credit as arranged with their educational institution.

Internship Program – Requirements

• Degree Progress – Interns must be enrolled as either a junior or senior at an accredited college or university.

• GPA – Interns must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be accepted into the program.

• Program Schedule – Interns work two or three days per week (most work three). Interns are required to be present from 8:30am-3:30pm. The internship program runs from January through May.

• Attire – Interns are required to dress in business attire when at the Statehouse.

• Impartiality – Interns must remain impartial and objective in the performance of their duties. Neutrality and dedication are essential to the work environment. Interns must avoid imposing their personal opinions, political philosophies, or any bias in their work.

Internship Program – Specifics

Each intern is assigned to one or two Senate Committees and will work under the direction of the legislative aide for that committee. Daily responsibilities of interns include (but are not limited to): Tracking bills, aiding senators, helping with constituent services/correspondence, assisting with Committee and Session Day work.

• Bill Tracking – Interns will track Senate bills sponsored by their assigned senator(s). This includes following the legislation from introduction through the public committee hearing process to the senate floor debate, and final resolution.

• Aiding Senators – Interns will assist individual senators in their preparation for meetings and hearings.

• Constituent Services & Correspondence – Interns will work with senators and staff on constituent requests and assistance. This includes correspondence via email, letters, and phone calls. This may also include correspondence with various state agencies.

• Committee Work & Session Days – Interns will assist legislative aides assigned to Senate Committees during bill hearings, executive sessions, and senate session days. Duties may include helping with the sign-in sheets indicating individuals’ positions on bills, organizing written testimony submissions, writing hearing reports on testimony from public bill hearings, and writing floor speeches for senators on specific legislation.

• Special Events – Interns will have the opportunity to attend special events at the Statehouse.

Application Process Instructions

All internship applications are due by December 1, 2022 to participate in the 2023 Senate Session (beginning in January). Select applicants will be invited to the Statehouse in Concord for an interview.

Please submit your Application and Resume via email to Senate Administrative Assistant, Morine Powell, at [email protected]. She may also be reached at 603.271.2111 if you have any questions.

Note: Internships begin in mid-January and interns must provide their own reliable transportation.

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