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New Procedure to Access Your myLife e-mail Account

New Procedure to Access Your myLife e-mail Account

If you are currently enrolled at Unisa or want to enroll there in the near future, your myLife email account will play a crucial part in your college career. You can get to it in this way.

Due to a recent Microsoft update, you will no longer be able to directly access your myLife e-mail account when logged in to myUnisa.

myLife email accounts are provided free of charge to all current Unisa students and will remain so for the duration of their studies. To use it, you just to turn it on. After signing up for myUnisa, students will be able to access their myLife email account, which is used to disseminate news and updates on campus.

To access your myLife e-mail account, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the http://mylife.unisa.ac.za/
  • Enter your full e-mail address (eg xxxxxxxx@mylife.unisa.ac.za) and your password for your myLife e-mail account.
  • Select “Sign in”.

What to do if your password is not active on myLife / O365?

It may be necessary to reset your myUnisa password to synchronise it with your myLife mailbox.

  • Login to myUnisa and click on “My Admin”.
  • Click on the “Change Password” link.
  • Complete the form to update your password. Please note that this new password will be active for both your myUnisa and myLife services.

Important information

During peak periods, it may take approximately 30 minutes for the new password to activate on the myLife service. If you are still experiencing problems after resetting your password, please send an e-mail to MyLifeHelp@unisa.ac.za for assistance.

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