Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral Fellowships Program 2020/2021 (Funded)

Next Generation Social Sciences

DEADLINE: 10TH January, 2020

The Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa program, launched in 2011, responds to an emerging dilemma within higher education in the global South caused by the extraordinary emphasis on increasing undergraduate enrollment without proportionate investment in faculty development, limiting the ability of universities to produce the next generation of researchers, faculty, technocrats, and leaders.

The program currently operates to strengthen tertiary education in Africa by offering a sequence of fellowship opportunities for promising PhD students to undertake research and make steady progress toward completion of the doctoral degree and one post-docotoral fellowship:

The program also offers activities that nurture the intellectual development of its fellows by connecting them to one another to create a pipeline for the development of faculty and research communities working on peace, security, and development topics across the continent.

Currently, the program supports doctoral candidates enrolled in universities in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. To learn more about the program model, please visit our Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa site.

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For more Information: Visit the website for Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral Fellowships Program 2020/2021 (Funded)

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