NITA KENYA Training Schedule And Assessment Dates For 2023

NITA KENYA Training Schedule And Assessment Dates For 2023

The National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Kenya is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency whose mission is to regulate and facilitate quality industrial training for enhanced productivity.

Towards fulfilling its mission, NITA under Section 7C of the Industrial Training Act Cap 237, has been granted the mandate to register and regulate trainers registered under the Act and to assess industrial training, test occupational skills and award certificates including Government trade test certificates.

NITA informs all esteemed clients that the approved consolidated training and assessment dates for Industrial Training Centres and Trade Test for the calendar year 2023 are as scheduled below:

Industrial Training Centres

Term 1: 4th January — 31st March 2023

Term 2: 2nd May — 28th July 2023

Term 3: 4th September —1st December 2023

National Trade Test

April Series:  10th April — 21st April 2023

August Series: 7th August — 23rd August 2023

December Series: 4th December — 22nd December 2023.

For further clarification and details on the above services, please seek information through email [email protected] or contact us through phone number 020-2695586/9, 0720917897, 0736290676, 0777292408.

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