njfp.ng | Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Portal

njfp.ng | Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Portal

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme equips the next generation of young Nigerian Graduates who are poised to steer the course of national development by giving them the tools they need to succeed, today. Portal is now open via http://njfp.ng

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is a 12-month, on the job youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Against a backdrop of rising global unemployment and underemployment, the Fellowship seeks to bridge the gap between young graduates and organisations human resource demands on the job market by connecting talented Nigerian youth with local work opportunities.


The target of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is to place 20,000 highly skilled Nigerian youth in private and public sector organisations spanning various types, sizes and industries across the country.


A 12-month fully paid programme designed to enhance their employability, building leadership competencies and transferring on-the-job skills.


Fellows will receive a monthly stipend. This will be covered by the NJFP for the first year.

We realize how difficult it is to get a job in Nigeria as a graduate with little experience. The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) grants highly-skilled Nigerians with little or no work experience access to work at the most sought-after private sector organizations on the market, opening them to a world of opportunities.
The NJFP neither stipulates advanced requirements from applicants nor lowers the entry bar in terms of the kind of opportunities that are available. The Fellowship invites qualified applicants across a level playing field without compromising the pedigree of organizations that will play host to successful Fellows.

Some Fellows may be retained by their host organization upon expiration of the Fellowship. They may also be employed by the NJFP network of partners and sponsors. For others who successfully complete the assignment, they will receive jointly endorsed letters of recommendation from the FGN and UNDP to assist their employment pursuits thereafter.

Host organizations can engage in the programme year after year, receiving new young talent to boost organizational development, foster the leaders of the future and contribute to fulfilling the human capital needs of the nation.

For more Information: Visit http://njfp.ng

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