Npower 2021 – Reason for Nasims Failed Transactions for Batch C

Npower 2021 – Reason for Nasims Failed Transactions for Batch C

In today’s latest Npower news – We told you yesterday that Nasims team via its Facebook page will be addressing you on the issue of failed payment status today. We are glad to tell you that they have released a statement on failed transaction as promised.

According to Nasims, the occurrence of these FAILED transactions as encountered by some Beneficiaries were consequencial to the manifested technical glitch on the portal. On receipt of report, we swung into action and assure it will be generally resolved and outstanding September stipend paid to all deserving volunteers.

Alternatively, you may wish to Call 092203102 and provide Nasims support team your account details to help resolve this and other similar issues. Please, DO NOT drop your account details on comment section to avoid being compromised, Nasims said.

All inconveniences this may have caused you is highly regrettable. Thank you! From Nasims team!

However, from what Npower discussion group admin gathered on how some of you were able to fix the issue of invalidated account, we decided to share the tips here so that you can try it yourself.

Kindly follow the steps below to validate your account

1) Login to your dashboard

2) Click on deployment and check below the tab for a write up like “verify account’ click on it and insert your bank details and bvn

3) Then click on submit.

4) After that it will automatically download your PPA letter. Ignore the new download if u have done that before.

Logout and Login again, then check your dashboard profile to see if the BVN state ” provided” and invalid under provided. Kindly ignore that as your account details will display under. if that happens then u are done.

If that did not work for you, then call the nasims support line above until the attend to you.

Npower 2021 – Reason for Nasims Failed Transactions for Batch C

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