Npower beneficiaries crave for Permanency 2020

Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Nexit Training Code Error

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I think the issue of January payment of NPower beneficiaries’ stipend is not our grave problem. Our grave problem is PERMANENCY!.

Why is the FG finding it difficult to permanent us? How much does it cost the FG to permanent a program that has been initiated by the same FG?

We’re not denying the fact that it was initially and distinctly stated that this program is going to last for two years only. We acknowledge the fact that it has been enhanced till date.

We’re used to the N30 000 monthly stipend, even though it’s not enough as graduates. It has helped us a long way, it’s helping us. Whenever there’s a delay in the payment, we feel it. Now think of it, if the stipend ceases to come, what will come into being?

Some of us have gotten married and had children through this program. How can we pamper the family we had already if the stipend ceases to come?

Some of us are already more than 35years and some have families and a lot of responsibilities to pamper. If we’re sent back to the street, where can we start from? Any FG\SG job that comes, we’re OVER AGE.

Some of the beneficiaries have graduated for a long period of time now, No Jobs! because, they don’t have godfathers, they don’t have connections, etc. But there are vacancies in government offices and sectors. Why do I say so? People die everyday, people retire everyday. Does it mean those people in high offices don’t die? they don’t retire?

It’ll cause more harm than good to us, our households, the communities we live in, the SG, the FG and Nigeria at large, if the FG refuses to permanent us.

The process of recruiting the beneficiaries of this program was FREE & FAIR, RELIGIOUS FREE, NO SENTIMENT, NO TRIBALISM etc. We were felicitous to be one among the enlisted ones. We appreciate the FG for that.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Hon. Sadiya Farouq, be straight forward to we your children, do not hide anything from us. Treat us the same way you do to your biological children, then you’ll be blessed.

We therefore plea with the FG to PERMANENT US so that we’ll continue with the smile he put on our faces right from the beginning of this program.

May the Good Lord hear our humble cry.

This is my humble submission.

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