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I am happy to say to you and Nigerians,that we have successfully concluded in five geo  political All the zones.All the 5000 beneficiaries are now enjoying the knowledge they have gained.Also they are now enjoying the privileged of the device given to them.I am sure most of you are settling down in your various apprenticeship gsm villages seeking to learn more and apply your knowledge.
SOUTH WEST please bear with us,we didn’t want start and stop.We could have started since February 1st.But we  decided to do is to pend you after the election.

20000 of you are already out there in your various apprenticeships and you have completed your in center training,congratulations.I did meet some of you at the artisans award in late January where some of you won excellent prizes.
We are now ready to get the next batch of 20000 beneficiaries  for this category where you will be trained in four trades in construction: electrical,plumbing,masonry,carpentry and also two trades within the automobile space: automobile technician and agricultural technician ,we will also now include the hospitality category.
Once you are in the npower data base,you are family and this does not include only the 500 ,000 graduates we employed or 26000 Non graduates beneficiaries. Its is  the wider 3 million of you that applied.And some of you must have already gotten the sms asking you to indicate interest for the programme. So what we did was to extend these opportunities to you.
However we cant do much now because  of the election but from now till April /May we will commence the phase two of the npower build vocational build and apprenticeship programme.

The 2017  batch,about 6000 of you still having issues with the portal.Yes you have uploaded your ppa to the portal but you are not yet in payroll .Please visit the portal and contact our support center.
About 40000 of you in the supplementary list must have uploaded your letter  but not yet in payroll,you should also visit the portal to see why you haven’t been paid .so you can contact our support center to immediately resolve your  issue. Congratulations to the 2017 batch,about 97 percent of you are are in our payroll and have been paid all that you owed.The rest three percent will be smiling by February .

Portal re-opening is also tied to continuity, “the next level”.If you want the portal re-open go out on Saturday and vote massively for President Buhari .

Please give us time till after the elections.We need some approval from the Federal executive council.
We will keep you updated.

The competition is still live.We have seen your videos and some of you are still uploading your videos.Wining the competition is up to you,get your friends and well wishers to comment,like and share your videos so you can win.
We are only giving you more time to participate and get friends to like your video.Deadline is latest March 15th but we would announce the closing date and also the date for announcement of our winners and clearly have an event where we would celebrate with you and have the Vice President present your prize.
Here is a sample of the Npower Competition,click here
After this,we would also have a competition for Npower Non Graduate Category.

We have t shirts available for everyone of you.I am not talking about the political t shirts that some of you made. There is a t shirt that is Npower and the Nigerian coat of arms.But because of production challenge,it is coming in batches and they are been housed in all the geo political zones.
In some states,we have shared to as many of you.The goal is to have an Npower Day.We will be declaring a day in the week,that will be called the Npower day where you will wear your tshirt to your ppa just like NYSC CDS. Please note,this is not tied to election.The goal is to have a weekly Npower Day. These T shirts are free,Dont buy and please report the person.
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