Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede (Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Job Creation)

Here is a continuation on my previous post about the live chat  Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede (Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Job Creation) had on facebook addressing all Npower issues.Just so you missed the previous post.Click HERE to read all of it,if not continue below

Your application is just the first  step,and this year Npower application is very competitive.As of two days over 2.2 Million people registered.
1. Application
2. Bvn Validation : We want to makes sure that everyone that we finally employ do not have payment issues.
The next phase of pre-selection will be those that have matching records,so when they re through with physical verification they wont have an issue with payment.
Once your details are valid,you will get an sms or invitation to write your test.You remember we made a test guide,please ignore the test guide for now,we are focus in scaling up our bvn validation because of the huge significant numbers of application we have received such that when we begin our test again,it will be without a break.

We aware that some of you (applicants) are still writing the test,please note that test continues but we slowed down on the test guide.From Monday nextweek,we will be publishing a new guide.All applicants will receive an sms either  inviting them to write their test(those who bvn matched their record) or an sms,telling them their application has ended(those with unmatched bvn records) If you login to the  test portal not receiving the first sms you will get an invalid error message.
This is 2017,and we have too many applications,so the ability to listen,read,understand and follow instructions would be a selection criteria.Remember Npower is an employability enhancement program,so at the end of the two years training,your future employer will be looking forward towards your listening,understanding skills,critical reasoning skills and ability to follow instructions.All these are skill set an employer is looking for in a valuable employee.So take these Npower registration process as your testing ground.Stop sending messages that you have not been able to write your test or you re getting an error message when you have not gotten an sms invitation.

1. Application.
2. Bvn validation
4. Device selection
At the stage two which is bvn validation.We will send you an sms if you have unmatched bvn record saying congratulations,we wish you success in your future endevour because your application journey has ended due to no matching records.You will get an sms to take your test or that your application has ended in this stage two.

On your test page,there are indicators on the kind of device you will want if  selected to become an Npower volunteer.Kindly choose from the list of device.
Next will be the selection metrics by us,which will be made public when the portal is closed.

The Npower application is free and fair,we only recognize applications done online and in our portal.Please do not pay for any sort of Npower form out there.Kindly report such to any of our online channels.We have visited 15 states in the federation and we have heard lots of stories about Npower forms been sold.I encourage you to stop any and every form of payment in any guise.We have not asked any State or Local Goverment partner to collect money from you in the guise for I.D cards,monthly clearance,T shirt,caps or monitoring.Some Nagro beneficiaries  were asked to pay the sum of #1,200 for training,please report such cases.Refrain from making any mandatory payment to anyone whether it is in the name of Npower ambassador,state or local government monitor,its illegal and they are fraudsters.

Let me clarify,i have no issues against any free will contribution,i am aware some are forming coperatives in agric etc.Where you decide to have voluntary contributions among yourself,there is nothing against it.
We will remove multiple registrations,incomplete registrations
Yes they can apply but they must have to finish their service before our physical verification.Reason is, they must present their NYSC discharge certificate at the verification ground

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