Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Non Functional Nexit Code

Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Nexit Training Code Error

Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Non Functional Nexit Code

In todays latest Npower News: The beneficiaries of the Npower programme were asked to dial a code to check if their names are part of the successful candidates selected for the scheme.

Some NPower beneficiaries in the Batch A and B who have exited the scheme have lamented the delay in publishing the names of successful candidates for the NEXIT training.

According to them, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development notified them of the #Nexit training which will commence this February, asking them to dial the code *45665# to confirm their shortlist status and training availability.

However, the candidates claimed that the code has not been functional despite the N30 that is being deducted for each trial.

One of them said: “NPower candidates in batch A and B were asked to dial a code (*45665#) by the Humanitarian and Disaster Management Office and for every single dial, N30 will be deducted and this code is not even working.

“Since Sunday up until today, I have spent nothing less than N1,000 on just checking with the code which has consistently shown a message like – ‘error to process request’.  This is fraud being carried out officially by a ministry.

“I am certain that about 99% of those dialling the code are not getting any positive response and at each trial, they will deduct N30. If one’s name is not there and the message shows such, is it not better? Why do we have to remain so agitated and worried over whether our names are on the list or not?”

Another candidate also noted: “This is simply a way to extort us because they know we will keep checking. More than 400,000 Nigerians are dialling that code to see if they have been accommodated in the NPOWER NEXIT package. One person might try up to 20 times hoping it will show something meaningful, is that not N600 already? Calculate that by at least 40, 000 people, that’s a lot.

“Why can’t they just publish the names of the successful candidates that are on the package or better still send emails to the exited beneficiaries. What they are doing now is not proper, it has not been done before.”

Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Non Functional Nexit Code