Npower News – Delay in Npower Nexit for Beneficiaries

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Npower News – Delay in Npower Nexit for Beneficiaries

Npower news – On npower latest news  – We will be looking into how Npower Batch A and B  beneficiaries have been coping with the delay in the Npower nexit package implementation. This is npower batch A and B latest news so far.

It is almost a year now since the disengaged Npower Batch A and B beneficiaries were promised to be engaged in a new empowerment programmes as their Nexit exit package after applying via the nexit npower portal also called the npower site.

But the probability of these Npower beneficiaries reaching their destination in this journey is still far distance as the management of the Nexit Scheme source for fund to implement the project.

In view of the above, some of the disengaged Npower batch A and B beneficiaries have resulted in doing one thing or another to sustain life pending when the Npower Nexit package is implemented. From what we gathered from the Npower batch A and B’ comments, via our Facebook Npower Nigeria Group made for all Npower batch A B C Beneficiaries, here is how some of them are coping.

Ways Npower Batch A and B Are Coping With the Nexit Delay.

1. By depending on family and friends for support.

2. Taken advantage of some of the government intervention funds to start a business.By Applying form our numerous opportunities we post daily, visit HERE

3. Doing menial jobs.

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