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Npower News – Stipend Update for Batch C 2022

Npower News – Stipend Update for Batch C 2022

Npower batch C news today 2022– Stipends Payment news by Nasims on simultaneous October payment and re-initiation of outstanding September payment process.

The management in charge of payment advised beneficiaries to Kindly note that the October payment process was initiated and reflected on dashboards at once.

As promised in our previous posts, payment of October stipend WAS DISBURSED AT ONCE to financial institutions to ensure the achievement of outstanding service and top-notch operation which getting all bank accounts credited at once WASN’T ATTAINABLE due to network instability experienced by some banks, hence the non-simultaneous payment.

Please note secondly, we do not pay in batch or tribalistic in our payment structure, all graduate beneficiaries are considered to be of the same level and entitlement regardless of academic qualification and or tribe, and as such, disbursement is made simultaneously.

Lastly, all outstanding September payment process has been reinitiated. If you’re yet to receive your September stipend expect payment soon. We however had maintained and still maintained all outstanding payments due to beneficiaries will be paid, Nasims said.

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