Npower News – The Situation Now

Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Nexit Training Code Error

Npower News – The Situation Now

It is recalled that before the disengagement of the Npower batches A and B, the plan was already on the ground to transit them into other FG opportunities. Arrangements were also made to bring in fresh people into the Npower Programme which means new Recruitment.

To make the new Recruitment possible, the Ministry in charge had to let the batches A and B go into a new scheme call Nexit as their exit package so that new Volunteers can be recruited for batch C. That was perfectly done and batches A and B Volunteers were exited which lead to the reopening of the Application portal for the recruitment of new Applicants in 2020.

All of these happened in June and July 2020. The Npower batch A was exited in June while batch B was exited in July followed by the Recruitment for batch C Volunteers in the month of June 2020. The question which Applicants of both Nexit and Npower batch C are asking now is, which of the scheme will first begin?

As the Applicants ponder around all these, let us all hope that the Ministry in charge does as required to put a smile on the faces of all parties involved in this search for better opportunities.

Npower News – The Situation Now

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