Npower News today Tuesday

Npower News today Tuesday

Npower News today Tuesday

Npower news Tuesday – Due to the ongoing improvements to the Nasims portal, the current Npower Beneficiaries are complaining about changes to their Nasims profile status.

Npower shared an update a few days ago regarding the change they are performing in the Nasims site. Some significant information regarding the current beneficiaries was altered as a result of the update.

Beneficiaries who have received three months of stipends and whose profiles still list them as beneficiaries are now complaining that their status has changed to applicants.

Beneficiaries, however, have been told by Npower management to wait while the upgrade is still in progress and not to alter or upload any information at this time.

Because the Nasims portal update is taking too long, beneficiaries have requested that Npower management resolve the problem and return the existing beneficiaries’ information to how it was previously.

The backlog for 2022 is still being paid, and those who requested payment to verify their accounts are receiving payments gradually.

Npower customers who are having trouble logging in to the Nasims self-service site should use their email address rather than their Npower ID number and password.

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