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Npower News Today 4th April 2023

Npower News Today 4th April 2023

In todays latest Npower News – The Npower News for January, February, and March of 2023 will be discussed. Npower batch C2 recipients have recently started inquiring about their January, February, and March stipend payments. Our intention in writing this post is to inform you of recent developments. Also Read: NPower C1 & C2 Beneficiary Verification/Validation

Npower claims that those in batch C2 will soon be receiving additional payments. Those in Npower batch C2 can relax knowing that they will soon receive their January, February, and March stipends. For Now, Npower is working on the issues of beneficiaries with invalid account details who are currently undergoing account validation to get their October, November, and December 2022 stipends payments.

Right now, the single most important thing for Npower recipients to do is to avoid doing anything that could cause Npower to temporarily halt their payments. What can you do to prevent this? You are not allowed to disappear without a trace from your primary assignment PPA.

To that end, it is reasonable to expect that beneficiaries of the Npower program will conduct job searches and apply for other employment opportunities outside of the scope of their Npower PPA responsibilities.

If you find better employment while participating in the Npower program, you should leave the program.

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