Npower news – Wednesday Facebook live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

Npower Facebook live chat – Wednesday Facebook live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede. He discussed on delay in stipend,device collection & Npower registration 2020

Good evening great Nigerian youths and Npower ambassadors. Its a great pleasure to get in touch with you once  again.Here is another Npower Facebook live chat


Our payment process is guided by two key parameters.One is the elimination of any intermediary  or middle man,that is we have never paid any of you through anybody,we have always paid you direct.

The second parameter is we are been careful to save guard you over identity theft.What this means is that,we cut of payment process in the middle of every month,it goes through administrative procedures.before you get paid, there is validation that happens in the Nigerian inter bank settlement scheme (NIBSS).

On the day we cut of payment for the month,we take exceptions to payroll and we progress it,it goes on to the Hon Minister,from her desk,it moves down to the permanent secretary and then to the director of finance down to the deputy director of finance.Here all the checks and balanced are done,which takes some time.This happens before the funds are been moved from the treasury single account which is hosted by cbn. They run the validation, to ensure again that all of your details provided on the payroll matches with the details on your bvn.

Once this matches,you are validated for payment and then money is released to beneficiaries bank and then paid to your account.

Once there is any issue on any individual detail,the funds for that individual are sent back from the banks to nibss,from nibbs back to the ministry. So now you will see all that happens when there is payment delay.

At this point,some of you dont get paid.But we try and reach out to you through our support network,we contact you via email,sms or phone call.We ask that you go regularize yourself at your bank or go update your bvn or whatever the issue is.

If we havnt taken added steps to guard against identity theft,most of you wont get paid or have backlogs.Be rest assured that no money is lost in this process.


Let me be clear,there is no ghost worker in Npower. Haven’t conducted physical verification and confirming those who are admitted into the program,there is no ghost workers.I believe the ghost workers phrase some of you use are meant for those who do not go to their PPA sometimes or at all. We do get reports and we immediately place you on payment hold.SO if you do not get paid,its either you failed payment validation which we will inform you or you have been temporary suspended,which is payment hold.

Let me use this opportunity to apologise on behalf of the Hon Minister and all stakeholders of Npower for the irregular payment cycle that you have experienced in the last five months.As you know, Npower is now been managed in a new ministry. It now has a minister,a permanent secretary.As you know, the Hon minister had plead that she needs time to understand the Npower programme.

I have the assurance of the ministry that the worst days are behind us,the January stipend for non graduates will be paid on or before this week Friday. I am also aware that February stipend is also in the advance stage,before the end of this week, you should get your stipend.And also for the non graduates , your february stipend should come by next week.


We are receiving a lot of complaints even as i speak that a lot of you stopped going to work.How do you imagine getting a permanent slot when you dont go to your PPA. We  have our monitoring team and they have been empowered to send reports to us.

About 5781 of you were forcefully exited from the program because of disciplinary issues like this.So you should take the npower program serious or risk been exited.

When we receive reports of a defaulting volunteers ,we place him/her on temporary payment hold,which would last for 45 days.This 45 days grace gives you the opportunity to amend your ways,return to your ppa and plead for clemency and then your head of PPA issues an attestation letter of good behaviour. Once the letter is issued to you,you then have to send the letter to us via email [email protected] or via your focal person,NOA officer or you send it to us by uploading it into your portal.Once we receive it,we quickly reinstate you, but you wont be entitled to any backlogs.

When this 45 days grace period elapse,and you fail to reach out to us, you are automatically exited from the program and thats the fate of about 5781 of you.


Once we get your resignation request,we dont process it immediately despite the fact that resignation has multiple steps. Some of you come to say it was my girlfriend or boyfriend that clicked on the resign button.Because of all these issues, we then created what we call pending resignation.When you resign, we try to reach you  for final confirmation.

As we speak today, there are over 11238 resignation request,8709 volunteers have been approved.2529 volunteers resignation are still pending waiting for final confirmation.


The npower device is critical to your life long learning and even your entrepreneurship opportunities.We are working on it and in no distance time the ministry will be notified of the steps taking in that direction.Because we pay your stipends regularly,something has to suffer because of the dwindling national revenue.


We tend to struggle with the basic truth.Sometimes we think when we speak the fact for so long it becomes a reality.Since the inception of the program you have been told that the clamor for permanency is impracticable,that is not possible.

The total number of the civil service of the Federal government is less than a hundred thousand and you are almost five hundred thousand.How practicable is it that the federal government will employ you.

The other reason is,the federal republic of Nigeria is a federation that runs on three tiers of government, the federal,state and the local government.And all of you are working in a local government and state.How can the Federal government employ you in a state he doesn’t control.

I spoke to you about enhancement, and that is you will continue to learn work and earn. We have said you will not go back to the street, we will continue to work with your state government and local government to see how we can create a robust enhancement package. Make contacts with your state government, write to them officially, apply for opportunities.

We are working on a Youth Geep Loan.that will also facilitate for some of you to get in.We are hopeful that conversation with your state governors will yield results.hopefully they might want to recruit some of you.


Your exit plan has been giving to you already. you were given laptops,tool repair kits and we also provide you with access to masters assistance,access to industry players.During your 9 month entrepreneurship,we have had success stories of some of you that were engaged by employers that provided you apprenticeship.


We cannot open the portal until we succeed in exiting  those in the program.

Npower Facebook live chat