Npower News – What Can Get Npower Batch C Volunteer Job Recommendation

Npower News – What Can Get Npower Batch C Volunteer Job Recommendation

In Today’s npower latest news – We will be discussing 5 Attitude that can get  Npower Volunteer Job Recommendation or get him retained as permanent staff at his place of primary assignment (PPA) after the 1 year of service.

The Npower programme is a strategic component of the Federal Government’s NSIP to serve as an employability enhancement opportunity for young graduates. NPower scheme is a one-year voluntary programme that equips its beneficiaries with lifelong skills that will make them independent after their exit from the Npower programme.

Npower Programme is not a permanent job. However, you can be retained at your place of assignments or get job recommendations if you behave professionally, work hard, abide by the rules of your engagement at your PPA, if your decision is to remain or be retained in your place of deployment, then you should do things that will make your employer have good perception about you. If you are important to your employer, he would do anything to see that you are retained. We are not saying that you go and do eye service oh!!

Below are some tips that will make it difficult for your employer to let you go after Npower Programme:

1. Develop a positive work attitude

2. Be Punctual to work

3. Have a sense of honesty and integrity

4. Be self-motivated

5. Add value to the organization

6. Be Goal and Result Oriented

Though Batches A and B did not experience, the Bach c volunteers might be lucky to experience this, because the management of the Npower Programme has earlier stated that the Npower batch C programme will be better than it was.

What Can Get Npower Batch C Volunteer Job Recommendation

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