Npower Registration Portal 2020 – how to avoid mistakes

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This year 2020,we look forward to another registration for npower  and as such we have compiled things you should look out for when applying or registering for the npower programme at the npower portal.


1.If you’ve changed your name as a result of marriage, please make sure to it reflects on the certificates you’ll be using for application.

2. If you’ve not done change of name, then use the name as it appears in your papers and in your bank account.

3. Apply by yourself, don’t give out your name to cyber cafe person to apply on your behalf.

Cafe attendants are fond of making mistakes when they aren’t supervised. If cafe attendant must do it for you, be there to correct whatever mistakes he’ll be making.

4. Check and cross check why applying before you make submission.

5. One of the most important things is to ensure that your account number is active, and it’s linked to your active account number.

6. If you’re above 35years you won’t be considered.

7. In order to avoid the issue of unmatched name, unmatched bvn, etc make sure you fill the on-line application form as your names appear in your certificates and bank account number.

You could face issue of unmatched name if all your papers, and ID bear Timi Ebi, but you go ahead to fill Timi Ebiweni while filling Npower application form.
If your name is Tari, let it be if that’s how it appears in your documents, dont go fill Tariye during application.

We have found out that more than 70% of the current beneficiaries who are faced with one issue or other are those who use names that are slightly different in spelling, yet the same meaning and interpretation. Avoid it.

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