Npower reveals why there is delay in October Stipend

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A lot of Npower beneficiaries for the Npower program are looking for answers to why their October 2019 stipends are yet to be paid.

Even as we approach the end of November ,there is a big doubt over payment of October stipend not to talk of November payment.

Questions were  asked by volunteers but no one gave reasons why there is delay in payment.

According to “Tobi” an Npower volunteer of the program, he said “we have  noticed the delays in our stipends for the past five months now,our payment is always delayed,things have gotten worse in the program,we use to have prompt payment,even before the month runs out.But now is different,in fact,this is the longest delay in our monthly stipends we have experienced.

There is no motivation anymore,even the Npower team that use to be active on social media have all gone rogue.

In the midst of the chaos,and after receiving lots of complaint from beneficiaries, the Npower team has come up with what they think is delaying the payment.

According to Npower on their Facebook page, the said “Nobody knew the delay will last this long that is why we didnt say something,the transition into an infant ministry is the cause of the delay”



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