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NSFAF Appeal Process

NSFAF Appeal Process

NSFAF Appeal process is established to review applications of students who have applied for NSFAF financial assistance and submitted all required documentations but could not be considered for financial assistance.

The Appeal Committee agreed on the process to be followed by students wishing to submit their queries for consideration by the Committee. You can also read: STEPS ON HOW TO EDIT NSFAF ONLINE APPLICATION PROFILE

It must be noted that this application query process is not open to students who did not submit their full documentation on the closing date of the application.

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund would like to inform the unsuccessful applicant to submit a request to NSFAF for the application to be re-assessed.

An appeal is considered where and when there is an alleged error of judgment on the part of NSFAF (i.e. miscalculation of points, documents validation, policy deviation, etc.). Also Read: What does NSFAF Loan Extension or Hold Means

Applicants must submit an appeal, which should include the information below, to the attention of the Appeal and Special Consideration Committee via the form below to the appeal.

Link to Submit NSFAF Appeal

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