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NSFAS 2023 Funding Confirmation Delays for Student

NSFAS 2023 Funding Confirmation Delays for Student

In todays latest NSFAS News – Nsfas informed the media and public higher education that the bursary scheme is ready for the academic year. Unisa, for example, has yet to obtain bursary scheme financial confirmation.

UniSA has delayed 2023 Nsfas funding confirmation. This may worry new and returning Nsfas-funded students.

The open long-distance university’s management says it’s working with Nsfas to remedy the issue and minimize the academic calendar’s impact.

They said that Nsfas is mindful of the delay’s impact on students and that both organizations are working to finish the funding process quickly.

Unisa management is working with Nsfas to finish the process and inform them of the academic calendar’s impact.
Unisa stated that “Further information will be sent to new and returning Nsfas students as soon as it becomes available.” Students should monitor university changes.

Students who depend on Nsfas financing for tuition and other academic expenditures are worried about the delay.

Unisa management has promised students that they are doing everything they can to remedy the issue and minimize the academic calendar impact.

On Tuesday, Higher Education Minister Dr. Blade Nzimande, Nsfas Board Chairperson Mr. Ernest Khosa, and the scheme’s Executive Management announced the 2023 academic year’s financing preparation and distribution decisions.

The media briefing focused on the authorized budget and allowances, while the Nsfas Chairperson highlighted the scheme’s improved qualifying criteria and conditions for financial aid, system changes to improve efficiency, institutional and student support, and overall administration.

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