NSFAS and Private Accommodation

NSFAS and Private Accommodation

Staying in close in proximity to your university is important as this makes it easier to access to the institution’s resources. There are private residences that you can consider should your application for on-campus accommodation be unsuccessful.

According to a review compiled by the Department of Education, it indicated that for the 710 000 students at the 50 public TVET colleges in the country, there were only 10 120 beds available.

Universities are also facing the issue of fewer beds than students who are in need of being placed in the institution’s student accommodation.

It is for this reason that many students have no choice but to search for alternative housing outside of the official residences, said Property 24 in a statement.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) spokesperson, Kagisho Mamabolo made an announcement that stated:

Most institutions have a process of engaging private accommodation providers to support the students.

The University of Zululand executive member had made a call to landlords that have decent properties in the same vicinity as the university to come forward so that they can help them adhere to their processes, as there aren’t adequate spaces for students in the residences that they are currently occupying.

Each institution has its own set criteria and policies when they select students to reside in private accommodation.

Mamabolo said private residences are not paid for directly by NSFAS but the institution/student would pay the residence.

The Scheme has also made known to the public that in due course it will unveil its plans for private accommodation.

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