NSFAS News – 500 000 Applications Received

NSFAS News - 500 000 Applications Received

In todays latest NSFAS News – The total number of 2023 grant applications received by NSFAS has recently been made public. Although many students initially applied for the scheme, many of them have now withdrew their applications, changing their minds about whether or not they need financial aid.

Each year, a small number of students apply for financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Nearly 500,000 applications have been submitted to NSFAS so far in 2023 from each of South Africa’s nine provinces.

A handful of applications were withdrawn, but that doesn’t negate the overall high total. Around 29,036 applications were deleted from the NSFAS online applications website. If a student withdraws their application but then decides to resubmit it before the deadline, they will be given another chance to be considered.

The biggest number of applications were submitted from KwaZulu-Natal, however more over 6,000 of them were later withdrawn.

A little over 4000 pupils from the Northern Cape applied, with 253 of them withdrawing their submissions.

Nearly 70,000 students received prompt assistance from the financial aid program, among other impressive statistics. It was once again the pupils from KwaZulu-Natal who accounted for the largest share of the instantly financed students (out of the 70 000 total).

A total of 505 students from the Northern Cape and 6 students from a “Unknown Province” received the fewest available funds.

The NSFAS is making preparations for a smooth and timely 2023 school year. An extra 7 percent of students will receive funding this year, according to projections made by the program.

Students can expect to get their allowances in the first several months of the school year, as stated by NSFAS. Between February 2023 and April 2023, the scheme budgeted R3.5 billion for the distribution of student allowances.

They also stated that three schools will serve as a pilot program for the direct provision of allowances to students. If your school has more streamlined procedures and mechanisms in place for doling out student allowances, you can request to NSFAS to be excused from this payment solution.

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