NSFAS News on NSFAS Appeal Release

NSFAS News on NSFAS Appeal Release

NSFAS News on NSFAS Appeal Release

In todays latest NSFAS News – NSFAS will announce the results of your appeal here if your first application was denied and you filed an appeal.

South African students attending public universities and colleges can apply for financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

NSFAS turned down over 300,000 funding requests at the start of 2023 and instructed applicants to file appeals within 30 days.

According to NSFAS, some applicants who were not successful did not submit all required materials, while others did not match the financing requirements at all.

The bursary system had a delay due to the enormous number of appeals they received, leaving students unsure of whether they would be supported for the 2023 academic year, despite NSFAS’s initial promise that funding choices would be finalized by 6 February 2023.

Some students were initially refused, and their financing was reviewed after they were officially enrolled.

About a month ago, the Independent Appeals Tribunal began processing the appeals, and by next week, students will begin receiving information about their NSFAS appeals.

NSFAS has issued a warning to students about phony NSFAS Appeals notifications that have been circulating. These notifications have informed students that beginning in the month of May, they can verify the outcome of their appeals.

However, students should only rely on the official NSFAS website and NSFAS social media channels for accurate information and updates about appeals, therefore they should ignore this rumor.

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