NSFAS News On NSFAS Evaluation Status

NSFAS Denies Payment to Ghost Students and Late Payment

NSFAS News On NSFAS Evaluation Status

Todays latest News NSFAS – If you are among those who have successfully applied for a NSFAS bursary, it’s important to check your current application status and what it means. Here’s what ‘evaluation’ means.

So you’ve submitted your NSFAS application on myNSFAS for a NSFAS bursary and you’re checking your NSFAS status. Here’s what it means.

If you receive an ‘Evaluation’ NSFAS status, there’s no need for you to be worried as this means that NSFAS is verifying all of the documents you have submitted during your application.

If you find that your NSFAS status is stuck on this step, it could mean that you have missing documents.

Prospective students are advised to constantly check out the status of their applications, especially as TVET colleges and universities are soon opening.

NSFAS does not have a timeframe when it comes to one’s application status updating.

How Do I Check my NSFAS Status?

  1. Log in to the MyNSFAS student portal at the official NSFAS website.
  2. Input your username, password, and click on SIGN IN.
  3. Search for Track Funding Progress and click on it.

NSFAS provides bursaries to individuals who plan on studying or are applying to study at one of South Africa’s 26 Public Universities or 50 TVET Colleges.

NSFAS bursaries cover more than just your tuition fees. NSFAS will also cover your registration, accommodation, transport, books and other student needs.

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