NSFAS NMU Student Direct Payment System Registration

NSFAS NMU Student Direct Payment System Registration

The EFFSC takes this opportunity to welcome the advancements made in relation to the issue of NSFAS direct payments throughout the country. For the longest of time, students have been subjected to the ineffectual and unsustainable intellimali system which only benefited the Intellimali company and its partners (ShopRite, PnP, etc).

Students have been crying about the ineffectualness of the Intellimali system and their cries have met deaf ears. For many years the Intellimali system, which is not flexible and student-friendly, has been imposed on students by NSFAS in cahoots with management of universities throughout the country.

The EFFSC encourages students to subscribe to the new method of disbursing allowances, which promises to be more flexible and sustainable as compared to the current Intellimali system. This is a step in the right direction, the end goal is to see allowances being paid directly to various banks accounts utilised by our students, in a manner that will protect them against exploitative bank charges.
We will monitor this new system closely and ensure that allowances of students are disbursed in a much more flexible and sustainable manner, and that allowances of students are protected from cyber criminals and from senseless fees by those managing the new system.

Last but not least, the ministry of higher education and training and NSFAS must not only introduce payment methods without increasing the allowances of students, inflation is very high, the R75 increase is an insult to students. An increase of R500 will be much more sustainable in the status quo of the South African economy.

NMU is ‘Onboard’! No pun intended. All NSFAS beneficiaries at NMU should click on this link https://transact.norraco.co.za to register and onboard onto the new NSFAS direct payment system, today!

Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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