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NSFAS Shock Over Non Payment of Wits University Students Allowance

NSFAS Shock Over Non Payment of Wits University Students Allowance

In todays latest NSFAS News – Student protests at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) have erupted over concerns of housing discrimination and financial marginalization. The Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) has some concerns about housing assignments.

Students who qualify for a bursary through the National Student Financial Assistance Plan (NSFAS) report receiving up to R45,000. Which, given that the lowest housing costs roughly R65,000 per year, they view as inadequate.

According to NSFAS spokeswoman Slumezi Skosana, the organization distributes between R60,000 and R90,000 per year to students residing in university-managed and catered housing. Those residing in privately owned or rented spaces, as well as those residing in university-managed but non-catered housing, will get up to R45 000.

Skosana said that the NSFAS has done research and discovered that there are several approved options for student housing that offer rooms for R45,000 per year. NSFAS will give a list of lodging options for students at all universities that are under the R45 000 budget.

According to the NSFAS spokeswoman, the organization reviewed its books and found that on January 31, 2023, it had made an advance payment to Wits University. The payment in advance covered the registration price so that kids could enroll for the upcoming school year without incurring any further costs.

The sum also covered the expense of student allowances meant to cover the price of food, transportation, and/or course supplies. According to NSFAS, they have no idea why the funds have not been distributed to students.

Other students have also expressed dissatisfaction with their stipend amounts, claiming that they are inadequate in light of the rising cost of living. The SRC has asked for a raise in the allowance amount so that it can provide for students’ needs.

NSFAS relies on state money to offer these allowances, which are not infinite, therefore an instant increase would be impossible. Therefore, it is recommended that students be frugal with their allowances.

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