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Nsfas Status Checking Methods

Nsfas Status Checking Methods

In todays latest NSFAS News – The recipients of National Student Financial Aid Scheme bursaries are anxiously awaiting notification. The application process is far less stressful when a student doesn’t have to worry about being turned down.

There are now two ways for Nsfas to get vital information to students about their grant applications.

There are three places where Nsfas scholarship hopefuls can go to verify their 2023 funding applications. Formerly, students could check the status of their applications through the myNsfas portal; however, the new platforms are more user-friendly.

In order to verify their bursary application status, applicants can contact the Nsfas via their Whatsapp line or USSD code.

Add Nsfas on WhatsApp at 078 519 8006 or phone *120*67327 to check the status of your application.

You may quickly and easily monitor the status of your Nsfas application by “joining us” on Whatsapp or connecting via the Nsfas USSD.

Nsfas Requirements

A Citizen of South Africa

Families with an annual income of less than R350,000 (able-bodies students)

Under R600,000 annual income as a family (students living with a disability)

Going to a public university or TVET college that has been recognized as legitimate.

Beneficiaries of the Sassa program are instantly eligible for bank loans.

Nearly a million people applied for grants from Nsfas for the 2023 school year. Prompt funding was provided to 150,000 applicants of Sassa grants.

Tuition and fees are covered in full by Nsfas bursaries for deserving students. All expenses, including classes, housing, books, food, and transportation, are paid for.

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