Nsfas Updates – SASSA R350 Grant Bank Verification

Nsfas Updates – SASSA R350 Grant Bank Verification

NSFAS Updates Having to wait for the confirmation of your R350 grant application outcome can be frustrating for most applicants. One of the reasons for this is usually the verification of an applicant’s bank details.

Many applicants have been waiting for Sassa to provide a deadline of when they’ll receive feedback regarding the verification of their banking details.

Sassa says “The process of bank verification does not have a set timeframe. The applicant’s details go to the Department of Treasury; to the specific bank chosen by the applicant and when it is verified it then goes back to Treasury and lastly handed over to SASSA for payment purposes”.

Furthermore, according to Sassa, your Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payment cannot be processed if your bank account has not been verified. This is done to ensure that, as an applicant, your monthly income does not exceed R585.

If Sassa finds out that you are receiving an amount totalling more than R585 per month, then your application will be declined. However, Sassa grant recipients have the right to apply for reconsideration if their application was rejected.

How To Apply For Reconsideration

The Social Relief of Distress Grant has been extended for an additional 12 months. This means the grant will come to an end in March 2023.

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