Oluaka Institute of Technology Developer Training Program (ODP 4.0) for Nigerians

Deadline :25th Jan. 2020.

Oluaka Developer Program(ODP) is a software development program that runs for a period of six months which trains participants on different software developement/programming languages.

The developers training programe focuses on producing a skilled coding workforce to support startups springing up and establish small businesses in the region.

This program train interns to grow to be high skilled developers, programming softwares that solve minor and major problems.

It is 6 months scholarship that will enable cohorts to learn and receive hands-on training on Web an mobile technology.

The program is run by Oluaka Institute of Technology, in Owerri, Imo state.

The program has had three cohorts; ODP 1.0, ODP 2.0 and ODP 3.0 were run on full or partial scholarship. The 4th Cohort, ODP 4.0 is also expected to take this path to continue the Impact creation embarked on by the Institute.

Our admission process is not rigorous, our Admission Advisory team is always available to offer assistance on challenges you may encounter during the process of filling this form.


For more Information: Visit the website for Oluaka Institute of Technology Developer Training ProgramĀ 

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