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Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship (OMT) 2022 for South Africans

Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship (OMT) 2022 for South Africans

The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (OMT) awards a limited number of scholarships annually for postgraduate study at public Higher Education Institutions in South Africa at Master’s, Doctoral and Postdoctoral level. South African citizens or permanent residents may apply for Masters and Doctoral programmes. Foreign nationals may only apply for Postdoctoral programmes.

Required Documents

Motivation Statement (PDF or Word)

A signed statement (not more than 500 words) that describes:

  1. Background, schooling, general interests and personal philosophy
  2. Short to medium term plans and priorities
  3. Career aspirations

Intended study (PDF or Word)

An outline of the intended degree, programme of study, choice of institution, period of study detailing:

  1. Please clearly indicate the start date and duration of the programme
  2. Brief descriptions of the proposed course work, fieldwork, dissertation topic (as applicable), including a synopsis of the “intellectual problem or idea” that merits the inquiry you intend to pursue
  3. Relevance and anticipated significance of the study and how the work will extend current knowledge on the topic
  4. The perceived benefits to you personally, to the South African academy and to the broader community
  5. Supervisor’s name and current designation (where known)
  6. Please note, where more than one institution has been applied to, please clearly state this on your document and identify which institution is your preferred first choice. Applicants are required to submit one application in this case.

Personal information (PDF or Word)

An up to date CV (not more than three pages) that includes:

  1. A recent professional photograph (3x4cm)
  2. The names and designations of three referees
  3. Pease include a full academic and job history (where applicable) including any merits or awards received
  4. Please attach a copy of your South African ID or permanent residence permit (Masters and Doctoral candidates)

Budgets (Excel)

Applicants must disclose their personal financial position and submit a budget indicating:

  1. Annual estimates of costs for the duration of the period of study including tuition fees, living costs, travel, books and subsistence costs (as applicable)
  2. Income from all sources including: Savings /Family contributions/Loans/Secured scholarships or bursaries or other awards/Estimates of income from part-time work or assistantships
  3. Please distinguish clearly between funds that have already been secured (attach supporting documentation) and funding applied for but not yet approved or confirmed
  4. Please use the budget template to be downloaded from the site. Click here
  5. Candidates are encouraged to be realistic with their costs as budget amendments are not permitted after an award has been granted
  6. Direct research or project-related costs and any corresponding funding must be disclosed in a separate schedule but these expenses will not be covered by the OMT
  7. Where more than one University has been applied to, please provide separate budgets, indicating the preferred first choice (as stipulated in point 2 above)

Academic transcripts (PDF. Only)

Applicants to send all academic transcripts for all degrees and programmes completed or in progress. If transcripts are outstanding, please send these as they become available.

Certified Copies of your degree/s (PDF. only)

Applicants to send copies of all degrees / programmes. If certificates are outstanding, please send these as they become available.

Formal acceptance/registration (PDF. only)

Please indicate in your application if you are still awaiting formal acceptance into the programme and please inform us when this is received.

Letter of recommendation (PDF or Word)

x3 reference letter to be sent directly to the Trust at the email address indicated above

  1. Referees must be familiar with the applicant’s current work and study plans and well-placed to attest to the candidate’s academic achievements
  2. Referees may use your name + reference letter as the subject of the email


Candidates can expect to hear the outcome of their application roughly 2-3 months after the closing date.

  1. Applicants must update the Trust on the outcomes of their requests to other potential funders listed in the budget estimates that formed part of their submission to the OMT. If other funding applications are successful, this will result in the value of the OMT award to be reduced by the value of the applicable co-funding.
  • Studies in Progress: The OMT may consider applications from students who are part way through their studies (e.g. if you are studying a 2 year Master’s programme and have completed your first year, you may apply for funding for your second year of studies) in line with the application dates above. If your academic year has already commenced, your application will not be considered.
  • Eligibility and Tenure: Students who intend to undertake a second degree at the same level as one they already hold are not eligible for funding. Scholarships are limited to one degree or programme of study for the following periods: a maximum of two years for Master’s study, a maximum of three years for PhD and two years at Postdoctoral level. Exceptions may be made for Master’s scholarship holders upgrading to PhD level.

Awards are granted on an annual basis and renewals are contingent on satisfactory progress and performance as stipulated in the award letter and in compliance with the Trust’s reporting requirements.

  • The OMT does not fund MBAs, DBAs or other programmes that have a narrow and commercial focus. The definition of this is decided on at the discretion of the Trustees. Applicants are encouraged to confirm the validity of their application with the Trust before submitting a formal application.
  • Value of Awards: Awards will not be granted on a full cost basis and may vary in value depending on circumstances Candidates are encouraged to actively seek out co-funding from other sources including their host institutions and must declare all applications made to other funders to the OMT.
  • Awards are determined on a merit basis at the discretion of the Trustees.
  •  Failure to comply with the Trust’s requirements and procedures – including the requirement to submit updates on any and all developments – will result in disqualification. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Guideline documents

Download Guidelines for Graduate Study (Local)

Download Guidelines for Graduate Study (International)  

OMT Study Budget template (Excel spreadsheet)

How to submit your application?

Your application must include the abovementioned documents all to be emailed to [email protected] . You may need to email the application in 2 or more parts. Please indicate this in your email.

Visit the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (OMT) Scholarship website.

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