Phibro Animal Health Summer Internship 2024

Phibro Animal Health Summer Internship 2024

Applications are open for Phibro Animal Health Summer Internship 2024. Agriculture student with a passion for dairy who is interested in pursuing a career in field sales in animal agriculture. are encouraged to apply.

Summer Intern Description

Below is a brief job description, scope of work, time lines, compensation, and potential benefits of implementation.

Job Description / Scope of Work:

  • Phibro will educate the intern on immune function, its importance in animal production systems, as well as Calcium status at time of calving. Intern will also get an overview of Phibro products and services.
  • Track current Phibro trials / field evaluations as directed by local Account Manager and provide appropriate feedback.
  • Provide on farm support related to the Nutritional Specialties portfolio.
  • Conduct market research on individual producers to determine health program, veterinarian utilized, source of nutrition advice, and other pertinent information.
  • Compile gathered information and present findings to Phibro Management at the conclusion of the internship.

Phibro Animal Health Summer Internship 2024 Timelines

  • Orientation and training will be held the week of May 20, 2024 and is MANDATORY
  • Nine weeks of field activity and market exposure under the direction of the local Account Manager
  • Estimated total duration of program is 11 weeks, but could vary depending on the candidate’s semester schedule and individual circumstances.
  • One week of compilation, preparation, and presentation of findings to Phibro Management team week of August 5, 2024

Compensation and Expense Reimbursement

  • Paid internship, $18.00/hr
  • Phibro will reimburse the intern for reasonable travel expenses to include meals, hotel accommodations, and other direct expenses incurred.
  • The intern will provide their own transportation / vehicle approved by Phibro management and be reimbursed for actual business miles at the prevailing IRS rate. Proof of insurance will be required.

Benefits of the Program

  • The intern will benefit from further education in the application of nutrition and science in agriculture production systems, gain valuable work experience and market evaluation expertise. Work closely with a seasoned sales professional, acting as a mentor.
  • The intern will learn valuable skills including; time management, coordinating own travel arrangements for successful road travel, preparing for sales calls with industry professionals and producers.

Resumes and Questions to be directed to:
Sarah Radachy- Senior Account Manager
[email protected]

229 Radio Road / Quincy, IL 62305
Direct: 217-222-8854 / Fax: 217-222-5098

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