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President Ramaphosa Launches Border Management Authority (BMA)

President Ramaphosa Launches Border Management Authority (BMA). The recently established Border Management Authority (BMA), according to President Cyril Ramaphosa, will offer a long-term solution to the fundamental problems with border security, management, and coordination.

The President emphasized that the BMA will aid in the fight against cross-border crime and that a more secure border is crucial for reducing illegal immigration, human smuggling, and trafficking.

On Thursday, President Ramaphosa spoke at the Border Management Authority (BMA)’s (launch) event in Limpopo’s Musina Show Grounds.

Border Management Authority (BMA) launch
Border Management Authority (BMA) launch

The difficulties of congestion, procedural delays, lengthy transit times, a lack of predictability, and high logistics costs are anticipated to be addressed by the Border Management Authority. The Border Management Authority deserves praise for how quickly it got to work and started doing it.

“We can stop the unlawful importation and export of commodities when our nation’s ports of entry and borders are well-protected and well-managed. In our attempts to capitalize on the advantages of the African Continental Free Trade Area, we regard the Border Management Authority as a key connection, he said.

The President claimed that a number of significant issues led to the creation of the Border Management Authority. One of these difficulties is the rise in the number of undocumented immigrants entering the nation, which has made many of its social and economic issues worse.

“The flow of people and commodities through ports of entry has frequently not been as effective as it should be, causing unneeded delays and escalating expenses for people and businesses. This ultimately hurts our economy.

“Border management shortcomings have also contributed to the growth of organized and cross-border crime and corruption. The President stated that we were dealing with an issue of power, responsibility, and accountability fragmentation.

After the South African National Defence Force and the South African Police Service, the Border Management Authority is presently South Africa’s third military force.

It is required to carry out border management tasks both in the field of law enforcement and at ports of entry. A gradual process is being used to form the Border Management Authority.

The departments of Home Affairs, Agriculture, Health, and Fisheries, Forestry, and the Environment’s numerous pertinent activities have already begun to be integrated under the Border Management Authority.

The President announced that the South African Revenue Service, Police Service, and Defense Force have signed implementation guidelines with the Border Management Authority to facilitate its work.

“The South African National Defence Force continues to be in charge of border protection and safeguarding, even though the border guard will be performing access control and border law enforcement duties.

The President stated that if a crime occurs at a port of entry, “the border guard will interface with the nearest police station.”

BMA is a crucial tool for the area’s development.

The President and President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe went on a tour of the Beit Bridge Border Post, and they both agreed that the creation of the Border Management Authority will be a crucial tool for the development of the area.

It will be incorporated into the SADC region’s integration of border control efforts as we develop the African Continental Free Trade Area. We will be able to work toward getting rid of the different kinds of red tape that are impeding business, investment, and people-moving, he said.

According to the president, Border Management Authority would transform six ports of entry into one-stop border stations.

By consolidating the stops necessary to perform exit and entry formalities, this strategy will increase efficiency at land border crossings.

The Border Management Authority deployed its first officers of the border guard at vulnerable border crossing locations, including the unofficial community crossing stations, in July.

Source: SANEWS

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