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Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP 4) 2023-2024 Application

Deadline: 31 March 2023 at 17h00

Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP 4) 2023-2024 Application for South Africans

These guidelines have been compiled to assist applicants who wish to apply for funding
from the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP 4) that is available to
the sector to be disbursed via the National Arts Council (NAC).

The PESP 4 aims to provide an economic stimulus to support sector initiatives, thus
individuals and registered arts organisations and institutions are requested to propose
projects that create jobsin the creative and cultural sector.

This Programme forms part of the Government’s intervention to re-activate the sector
to economic recovery and reconstruction (Economic Recovery and Reconstruction
Plan – ERRP), post the COVID-19 pandemic devastation.

Applicants are eligible for funding in the NAC Annual

The following are the funding guidelines applicants need to adhere to when making
an application.

Who is eligible for funding?

Individual –

  • Individual applications are for a single applicant (an individual) who is undertaking a project,
  • In cases where several people are working collaboratively on a project, one member of the group should take the lead in applying,
  • All applicants must be South African citizens and over 18 years of age,
  • Projects may be implemented in South Africa, across the continent or abroad,
  • Individuals are requested to propose projects that are aimed at stimulating the broad arts
    and culture sector,


  • Applications from formally registered South African arts and culture organisations /groups and institutions are acceptable,
  • All lead applicants must be South African citizens and over 18 years of age,
    Projects may be implemented in South Africa, across the continent or abroad.
  • Applicants needs to consider that some countries may still be experiencing Covid
    restrictions and thus travel may be affected,
  • Registered arts organisations are requested to propose projects that are aimed at stimulating the broad arts and culture sector,
  • A lead applicant working for a government department and/or entity will not be accepted,
  • A lead applicant working under the Government Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and Internships/Learnerships will be eligible to apply.

Application assessment criteria:

  •  Artistic merit and innovation (through digital arts, where applicable), as well as increasing access to markets, audience development, community reach and economic spin-offs,
  • Ability to transform the sector through increased employment opportunities for vulnerable groups and/or showcasing of South African’s cultures including indigenous and/or marginalised art forms,
  • Job creation with a focus on youth, women, and vulnerable groups, and where applicable, employment creation opportunities beyond the sector itself,
  • Sector experience and/or innovative ideas,
  • A sound and feasible budget and project activity plan

General Information

  • Not more than one project per beneficiary can be funded.
  • Applicants can only be funded once per financial year as per NAC Regulations (1999).
    However, applicants approved for NAC annual project funding may also apply for and be
    granted funding in PESP 4 (The funding programme providedby the Presidency to stimulate the economy and the sector).
  • Only one application will be supported by both a natural person (individual) anda juristic person (organisation/company). The lead applicant of an organisation application cannot be funded as an individual applicant.
  • Applications for touring projects may be considered during this call.
  • Projects that foster cultural exchange and dialogues between citizens of South Africa
    and other countries may be considered.
  • Applicants who have been invited to perform abroad should have some form of financial
    support from the host country/organisation.
  • The host country/organisation should send proof of costs that it will cover such as
    accommodation, food, daily subsistence allowance and transport within the country.
    A letter of invitation from the host organisation should also accompany the application to the NAC.
  • Any financial support from other sponsors/hosts must be declared.
    Residencies may be supported when an artist is invited by an institution to participate in a residency.
  • A letter of invitation for the residency must support the application.
    Applications for workshops should show evidence that the participants will acquire particular skills and clear objectives of the workshop should be stated.
  • A detailed programme outline for the workshop is required; a biography of the facilitator/s and targeted participants/ audience should be clearly outlined.
  • The requirement for audited financial statements and tax clearance certificates at the time of applying has been removed from the compliance requirement list, however a valid tax clearance certificate remains a requirement for approved beneficiaries before entering into a contract with NAC. Only successful beneficiaries will be required to submit a tax clearance certificate after receipt of a grant award letter.
  • Any change of address or contacts must be communicated to the NAC offices within seven (7) days of such a change.
  • All projects must be concluded by 31 March 2024.
Submission of applications
  • Applications must apply online through the Grants Management System on
  • Manual applications will also be made available via email at [email protected] or from NAC offices or call 087 7000 683 for applicants who lack resources to apply through GMS.
  • These applicants will be required to sign a register when delivering manual applications. Posted or couriered applications are accepted only if the post or courier is dated on or before 31 March 2023.
  • Late submissions past the deadline date and time will not be accepted.

For more Information: Visit the website for Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP 4) 

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