Prof. Enoka Rukare Bachelor of Education Scholarship 2023

Prof. Enoka Rukare Bachelor of Education Scholarship 2023

The Prof Rukare scholarship was initiated by the family members of the Late Prof Rukare, the first Vice-Chancellor of Bishop Stuart University.

It was announced by family members during BSU’s celebration of 20 years of existence. We are glad that the 50,000,000 Ugx scholarship money was transferred to Bishop Stuart University Account. It was subsequently confirmed by University Finance Officer.

The vision of the scholarship is to; Transform the would-be unable to achieve Higher Education. The mission of the scholarships is to; Support as many un-privileged students to achieve Higher Education. To achieve the mission and vision, the committee members will strive to help the academically able but financially disadvantaged individuals through a transparent selection process.

Beneficiary must meet Me following conditions

Student must be admitted with an admission letter to pursue Bachelor of Arts with Education or Bachelor of Science with Education (April Intake 2023/24 moving forward).

  • Must have performed well at A level. (Not more than 2 years after sitting A level).
  • Must be financially unable.
  • Must present a recommendation from his or her LC 1 chairperson.
  • Must present a recommendation from a leader of his/her religious affiliation.
  • The committee must verify the authenticity of the information prodded by conducting due diligence.
  • The selected applicants will be subjected to oral interviews.

How to apply

Address the application to the BSU Scholarship Committee via Email: or physically through the office of the Dean, Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies

Deadline. submission is 20th May 2023.

Dates for interviews is 25th May. Successful candidates will be notified on 30th May 2023 after interviews.

Note –

In your application please remember to attach the following,

  • Statement of motivation not more than 5OO words
  • Short CV of 2 pages.
  • Proof of Admission April intake 2023/24
  • 0 and A-level Certificates

b) The scholarship will cover tuition only.