Program on Course- Govt Assures Kenya Empowerment Beneficiaries of MbeleNaBiz

Program on Course- Govt Assures Empowerment Beneficiaries of MbeleNaBiz

Program on Course- Govt Assures Kenya Empowerment Beneficiaries of MbeleNaBiz

Our attention has been drawn to a letter by Rachel Mwangi titled: – I do not want to push a wheelbarrow for a living Mr President. release the promised youth funds- published in The Standard. July 5. 2021.

MbeleNaBiz is a programme under the Kenya Youth Employment and Empowerment Project under the Ministry of ICT. Innovation and Youth Affairs. Its objective is to create opportunities for youth to do business, create employment and improve livelihoods. The first group of 250 beneficiaries were to be awarded Sh3.6 million and the second (500). Sh900.000: to be disbursed in three tranches after thorough background checks.

This is necessary to eliminate the risk of giving money to ghost recipients or applicants outside the target group. At the end of last week cash had been disbursed to 683 awardees for the first tranche. Another 35 had been cleared and their payment is being processed.

According to the agreement signed with the awardees. the disbursement of the second tranche was to be done based on the feedback from the monitoring and evaluation process. Piloting for the monitoring and evaluation was concluded last week. Full-fledged monitoring and evaluation will commence immediately and end by July 25. It is thereafter that the second tranche will be disbursed.

This requirement and information have been communicated to all the awardees. The reason for doing this is to ensure that the money is used for the purpose it was intended.

We acknowledge delays in meeting the timelines for the disbursement. but every time this happens, the PCU communicates to the awardees. Lastly, the government places a lot of importance on this project because it is the youth who provide the physical and intellectual energy that drives our economy. Youth employment and empowerment is at the core of the government’s development strategy. However, the project must be managed prudently and diligently. The future of this country is in the hands of the youth and we must help build that.

Similarly, as responsible citizens with great potential, the beneficiaries should reciprocate the government’s trust by investing the funds in the specified projects. If the youth keep the promise, we are sure the money will have a multiplier effect and translate into more people being economically active, and therefore self-reliant and less dependent on formal employment. Ms Mwangi, we appreciate the feedback and it is a testimony to the interest and willingness of the Kenyan youth to better their status in society. We are proud of you. Disbursement for the second tranche will be done as per the agreement.

Program on Course- Govt Assures Empowerment Beneficiaries of MbeleNaBiz

Godfrey M Islye, Head Communications, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs

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