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PYEI-BEEI Orientation Training Deadline Extended

PYEI-BEEI Orientation Training Deadline Extended

Great news! The deadline for PYEI-BEEI Orientation Training has been changed to 31 March 2023, which means there is a bit more time to complete your training. Good luck!

Training for Phase IV (4)

As an Assistant in Phase IV, there are specific training courses that you will need to do. There are three types of training. Mandatory training (i.e. training that all Assistants need to do), recommended training (i.e. not compulsory), and training that you will only do if it is relevant (i.e. only if you’re a Reading Champion will you do the Reading Champion training).

This is the mandatory course that all Assistants need to do (please complete this training by 31 March):

The following courses should be completed over the duration of Phase IV:

(*please note that these are not on the TeacherConnect platform)

The following courses should only be done if they are relevant to you:

  • Reading Champions (coming soon)
  • Curriculum Training (coming soon)
  • Care and Support Training (coming soon)
  • Handyman/woman Training (coming soon)
  • NEMISA Digital Literacy (please click)

If you need any help, please visit the FAQs (please click to visit) or email: [email protected].

Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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