SASSA Grant Payment Dates for 2023

Gold Card Remains Valid & Accepted Says SASSA

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for 2023

Sassa is responsible for distributing monthly social grants to millions of people in need. The 2023 SASSA grant payment schedule from the government agency has been made public.

January 2023

Older Person Grant: 03/01/2023
Disability Grant: 04/01/2023
Children’s Grant: 05/01/2023

February 2023

Older Person Grant: 02/02/2023
Disability Grant: 03/02/2023
Children’s Grant: 06/02/2023

March 2023

Older Person Grant: 02/03/2023
Disability Grant: 03/03/2023
Children’s Grant: 06/03/2023

Social grant payments are made on a monthly basis, but only to those who qualify. In February, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced an increase in several social grants to be implemented in October.

In October, both the Disability Grant and the War Veterans Grant were raised, with the former going up from R1 890 to R1 990 and the latter going up from R2 000 to R2 010, respectively. Increases in April brought the Old Age Grant to R1,980, and in May it went up to R1,990 (in October).
The allowance for those over the age of 75 went boosted by R1010, or 5.2%, from R2000 in April (in October). Sassa has verified these sums to be accurate.