SASSA Grants Payments Systems Glitch Resolved – Postbank

SASSA Grants Payments Systems Glitch Resolved – Postbank

SASSA Grants Payments Systems Glitch Resolved – Postbank – Disruptions to the processing of payments to recipients of the Social Assistance and Social Security Administration (SASSA) gold cards have been fixed, allowing beneficiaries to withdraw their grant funds from ATMs and businesses around the country.

Since Saturday afternoon (5 November 2022), when we first noticed problems with the payments system, we’ve been able to reliably report successful ATM and retail transactions.

Most of the almost 7 million people who receive social handouts and use SASSA gold cards from Postbank do so at ATMs or retail outlets.

To that end, those who are eligible for SASSA social grants are urged to use any of the ATMs or retail locations across the country that provide cashback, such as Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick n Pay, or Boxer.

The SASSA gold card functions fully within the national payments system just like any other bank card, allowing cardholders to make purchases anywhere that accepts bank card transactions.

On this day, 7 November 2022, Postbank is keeping an eye on the status of the systems in local Post Offices so that they can update their respective beneficiaries.

For the trouble these technical issues have caused, Postbank deeply regrets having to extend an apology to the recipients of SASSA social assistance. We deeply regret the difficulties caused by the recent technical issue, as social handouts are crucial to the financial security of the most disadvantaged members of our society.

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